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Fokus Calender 2021 delicious cream-colored in FSC certified paper

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The 2021 fOkus calendar illustrations and circle text are based on the fascination with fungi and mycelia. Fungi and mycelia are a big and important part of the world around us, they are incredibly beautiful and mysterious. They work with us and with all the plants that surround us. We do not see it with the naked eye – and perhaps in reality only by recognizing how important they are.

Beautifully illustrated and completely sustainable Focus calendar with weekly notices, all Danish anniversaries, week numbers and moons.


· Focus calendar measures 20.5 cm in height and 14 cm in width
· 192 pages – 55 note pages with resp. dots or completely glossy
· Delicious cream-colored FSC certified paper from Munken Pure rough
· Cover in beautiful olive green FSC certified GMUND paper
· Produced at the sustainable Eks School’s printing house in Nørrebro
· The Nordic Ecolabel
Fair-Rubber elastic
· Reading straps of GOTS certified cotton

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